My Experience Staying At The Concept Hotel Galleria Midobaru in Beppu (Part 2)

Galleria Midobaru, which just opened in December 2020, is a new type of concept hotel that combines contemporary art and architecture with Beppu’s beautiful natural environment. Following the first part of this article, I would like to share with you my experience of staying at the hotel.

At six o’clock in the evening, when it was getting dark, I went outside to take a look at the exterior of Galleria Midobaru. It was lit up in warm colors, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

We had been looking forward to dinner at The Peak, a restaurant in Galleria Midobaru that is open to those who are not staying at the hotel.

The highlight of this restaurant is the fresh vegetables that are simultaneously steamed and baked in an Italian oven. This method condenses the moisture in the vegetables so that the nutrients are not lost in the cooking process. They emerge with a soft, moist texture and a gentle flavor.

When you enter, you will see a counter and a very chic design.

The walls here were also decorated with art. (This is a photo taken when I visited during the day).

Pictured above is a unique piece of art nicknamed “Iwao-kun”. It is said that the rock was dug up during the construction of Galleria Midobaru.

The stylish tableware looks as if it were made of stone.

The restaurant has a large glass window and an open atmosphere.

As an aperitif, we had a Kabosu highball, a drink unique to Oita.

The appetizer was an assortment of cured hams. It paired well with our drinks.

This is a potage made from matsutake mushrooms. The taste is rich and delicious.

Pictured above is the fish dish we were served. The shiso sauce was delicious, and the Japanese flavors matched well with the French style of cooking.

For dessert, we had chocolate gateau and gelato. It was moderately sweet and elegantly delicious.

After returning to our room and enjoying the indoor bath, we went down to the bar for a nightcap.

I ordered the Blood Pond Hell Cocktail, one that can only be found in Beppu. I was surprised to see that the color of the cocktail was exactly the same as the photo of the Blood Pond Hell on display. It was a citrusy drink that was perfect after my indoor bath.

Enjoying a drink at the bar counter while chatting with the bartender was very special. I had a wonderful and relaxing time.

The next morning was the beginning of a beautiful sunny day. From the terrace of our room, we could see the peaceful scenery of Beppu.

We also enjoyed breakfast at The Peak, and I chose the omelet plate. The Spanish omelet was excellent, and you can even enjoy the texture of the ingredients. The bacon is also crispy and delicious.

Before I forget, we also enjoyed coffee after dinner. The tableware is also original to Galleria Midobaru and it fits perfectly with the interior and other tableware.

When the blissful stay was over, it was time to check out, and I was greeted by the art of the glittering moon once more at the front desk.

What did you think of my experience staying at Galleria Midobaru? 

For those who are interested in art, who find ordinary hotels unsatisfactory, or those who want to experience a special and extraordinary moment, this is a wonderful hotel that you should definitely try. I hope you will consider Galleria Midobaru for your next trip.

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