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Explore Beppu At Your Leisure with Oita Cycle Share

This time, I’d like to introduce Oita Cycle Share, which I’ve been seeing more and more often in Beppu City! Oita Cycle Share is one of an increasing number of bicycle sharing services. It is available in both Oita City and Beppu City and is very easy to use. In this article, I will tell you how to use the

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Galleria Midobaru Art Exploration|Introducing The Artists

In December 2020, the concept hotel, Galleria Midobaru, opened on a quiet hill overlooking Beppu Bay. The hotel is dotted with contemporary artworks themed on Beppu.  It offers a completely new lodging experience that lets you see yourself in a way you didn’t know was possible, see the world differently, and feel like you are sharing ideas with an artist.

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Beppu’s Best Ramen Spot: Noodle Factory Life

Beppu is a city of gastronomy; however, it is still somewhat unknown. There are many delicious restaurants in the city offering everything from cold noodles to Italian dishes. Today, I would like to introduce Noodle Factory Life, one of Beppu’s best ramen restaurants. Noodle Factory Life is located in a corner of Umezono Dori, a retro-style alley lined with many

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Beppu Hatto: An Easy Guide to Beppu’s Hot Spring Districts

With the second-highest number of hot springs in the whole world, it’s no wonder travelers call Beppu a hot spring paradise. Across Beppu’s eight districts, 2000 hot springs and over 200 hot spring facilities can be found offering rejuvenating onsen baths. If you like the sound of soaking in hot mineral-rich water, then allow us to introduce you to Beppu

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