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Wakura’s Deliciously Unique Seasonal Lunch

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Izakaya Motomachi Bar: Where locals gather

Beppu is famous for hot springs, but it is also a city of gourmet food, with a wide variety of reasonably priced, high-quality restaurants and pubs. Today, I will introduce one of these gourmet spots, Izakaya Motomachi Bar. It is located in Beppu City’s downtown area and is easily accessible.   After a short walk through Beppu City at night

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Somuri: A popular and reasonably priced Bungo Beef restaurant

Beppu is famous for its hot springs, but its gourmet food is renowned. One specialty is Oita Wagyu Beef or Bungo Beef, named for the breed of cow raised in this area that produces this delicious local food. Did you know there is a restaurant in Beppu where you can enjoy Bungo Beef at a reasonable price? This time, I would

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Enjoy Oita’s Famous Dango Soup at Bungo Tea House

There are many delicious foods in Beppu, Oita Prefecture, but one of the most beloved among them is Dango-jiru (Dango soup, it is usually called “Dago”-jiru in Kyushu area). In Beppu City, there are many restaurants where you can enjoy this prefectural food. This time, I went to Bungochaya, a popular diner inside Beppu Station, which is known for its

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Beppu’s Best Ramen Spot: Noodle Factory Life

Beppu is a city of gastronomy; however, it is still somewhat unknown. There are many delicious restaurants in the city offering everything from cold noodles to Italian dishes. Today, I would like to introduce Noodle Factory Life, one of Beppu’s best ramen restaurants. Noodle Factory Life is located in a corner of Umezono Dori, a retro-style alley lined with many

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Try Oita’s Famous Dango Soup at a Favorite Local Restaurant

Oita Prefecture is home to a variety of specialties such as chicken tempura, Beppu cold noodles, horse mackerel, mackerel, and Jigoku Mushi (hell-steamed food). Today, though, we will introduce Dango Soup, a dish favored by local people for generations. What is Dango Soup? Dango Soup is a typical Oita dish made of wheat dumplings kneaded and stretched into strips with

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Delight in the Oita Prefecture’s Famous Soul Food ‘Toriten’

The Oita Prefecture is home to many delicious and unique gourmet foods such as Beppu cold noodles, dango-jiru soup, and yaseuma. One that stands out, however, is ‘toriten’ – possibly the most loved soul food of them all. A Delicacy Loved by Oita Citizens ‘Toriten’ means ‘chicken tempura,’ and this delicacy is much loved throughout the Oita Prefecture. To make

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